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Wijdan Almamari

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Making waves out of small opportunities.

Wijdan Almamari came to Nebraska because she wanted to pursue her career path and make a difference.
– Wijdan Almamari –

It's been my dream since I was nine to be an architect. I decided to study abroad so that I could be more independent and learn more about other cultures. My experiences at Nebraska have guided me to become a better human and student.

Everyone wants to change the world, but that is too broad of a goal. How do we make a difference? My answer is by helping others. At Nebraska, I’ve been able to support other international students as they arrive on campus. I’ve been able to make the world better by creating the best environment for international students.

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Like many international students, Wijdan was homesick when she first arrived on campus.

My first semester was the hardest part of my experience here. At first, I struggled with time management. There is a nine-hour time difference, so I had trouble communicating with my family; I felt homesick and alone.

The first time I went home I had decided to give up and never come back to Nebraska. My family reminded me that I’d been dreaming to be here since I was nine years old—how could I give up now? After that, I wanted to help other international students as soon as they got to campus.

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Now, Wijdan uses her experience to help other international students as they adjust to college.

I would advise freshman international students to always reach out and ask for help. The Writing Center helps with writing assignments at any level. Husker Pantry will provide food for any students who are having financial difficulty. The Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) team can help with mental health and homesickness. The Center for Academic Success and Transition (CAST) helped me understand how to study and how to manage my time.

“The more I share my culture, the more I can connect with those around me.”

— Wijdan Almamari

Wijdan made friends at Nebraska by getting involved and has met students from all over the world.

I’ve always been able to share my culture and learn about other cultures, especially in student clubs. I’m in the Middle Eastern & North African Student Association (MENA), the International Student Advisory Board (ISAB), the International Student Fellowship (ISF), the Omani Students Association and part of the Cultural Ambassadors Program.

When I first got here, I was nervous about making friends, so I started joining student organizations. Through clubs, I’ve met other international students, as well as domestic students who are really interested in meeting and getting to know international students. In the Cultural Ambassadors Program, we meet and talk about the similarities and differences between our cultures. The more I share my culture, the more I can connect with those around me.