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Sara Segal

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Sara has always been a Husker fan, but experiencing life as a Nebraska student was more special than she could have imagined.
– Sara Segal –

My mom is a huge Husker fan. We would drive down for football games when I was a kid. Choosing Nebraska was a really easy decision for me. I wouldn't have ever dreamed of going to another school. Nebraska is my home.

Being part of the Husker community has meant a lot to me. It has a reputation of its own. When I talk to people outside of the university and they see that I'm a Husker, they always say, “Oh, my cousin is actually a Husker. My sister was a Husker or my son is a Husker right now.” It is a reputation that follows you everywhere you go, and it’s something special.

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Sara quickly made connections through the residence halls, campus activities and in the College of Business.

I’ve always been a social person, but there’s an underlying fear that since it’s not high school anymore, meeting people is going to be different and hard. I got really lucky. The first day I moved in, I met two wonderful people, and I have been best friends with them since.

It’s always been really easy to get connected on campus. As a freshman, I got involved in Residence Hall Association’s government and became a senator. Then I went on to become a resident assistant. In the College of Business, there are so many different organizations that I’ve easily been able to step into.

I also developed a close relationship with my academic advisor. My academic advisor, Rachel Leslie, has been a really great mentor throughout my entire time here. I also received support from Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS). It’s really great that it’s here for students.

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Despite challenging times, Sara has found the positive in what’s come her way.

Being in college through a pandemic definitely has been challenging. I talked to a lot of people, and they always feel sympathetic that I didn’t get the normal college experience, but I am just taking my college experience for what it is. I actually got ahead in school. I can graduate a whole semester early now, which I’m very grateful for. I still got the same amount of time that I could’ve gotten with my friends. Plus, I got a little extra time with my family.  

“Nebraska has given me every opportunity that I could ever hope for.”

— Sara Segal

With the help of Nebraska, Sara is gaining real-world experience in an internship in her field and is excited for the future.

At Nebraska, I have received an exceptional education. I have friends in every college, and they absolutely love their professors and the education they’re getting. Our professors are teaching us to further ourselves in our career and as people.

What I want to do with my future is get into medical recruiting in the healthcare system. This summer, I am going to be an intern for the University of Texas Health Care Systems, which has 13 affiliated hospitals. I will help with its orientation and hiring programs. That’s exactly what I want to do. I would love to be able to do it in Nebraska in the future. With the help of Nebraska, I have been able to find networking opportunities. Nebraska has given me every opportunity that I could ever hope for.

When I think about what being a Husker means to me, the term Ubuntu is actually the perfect definition. It means togetherness—how everyone’s actions affect each other. Being a Husker is about the community that you’re immersed in. It’s been pretty amazing to be a part of the culture.