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Nidhi Polekar

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Discovering unique opportunities to get involved.

While her adjustment to the U.S. took time, Nidhi has found a community that inspired her to get involved at Nebraska.
– Nidhi Polekar –

When I first came to the U.S., I was terrified. I was only 17. I didn't know anybody here, so I had to start from scratch. The International Welcome Team leaders were so nice and helpful. Even after the orientation, if I had any questions or if I was feeling lost, I could just contact them.

I became close friends with the person who was conducting my tour. She's my roommate now. After my freshman year, she encouraged me to join the International Welcome Team. Through that, I was able to network and meet students from all over the world. New Student Enrollment is the number one reason I have such a diverse friend group. Nebraska is more than a school—it’s a community.

“I've just had so much energy and drive to explore new things and try out everything that I can.”

— Nidhi Polekar

I also had a great professor here, Professor McMahon. She was my first political science professor. She invited me to her home for Thanksgiving, which was so kind. She helped me navigate through college courses, and she introduced me to the Honors Program. She helped me a lot academically.

Nidhi with friends graduating holding flowersNidhi with friends at an ice rinkNidhi with friends on the Nebraska football field
Nidhi says her enthusiasm has helped her prioritize exploring new opportunities and interests while at Nebraska.

This has been the perfect undergraduate experience. I’ve had access to so many opportunities. In many ways, these opportunities sort of present themselves to me, and I just make use of them. I've just had so much energy and drive to explore new things and try out everything that I can. I like to explore all my interests. My enthusiasm has helped me manage everything. 

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During the pandemic, Nidhi has discovered a passion for the culinary arts and plans to attend a culinary program in France after graduation.

During quarantine, I became the designated chef for my three roommates. I've basically just made use of my social circle to experiment. I have a very diverse group of friends—Americans, Colombians, Indians, Middle Easterners—people from all over the world. They all have different taste buds, styles and preferences. When I'm making food, I just want to have fun with it. I plan to attend a seven-month culinary program in France after graduation.

Nidhi is facilitating important conversations and forming an inclusive community through the Third Culture Kid’s Club.

I’m a third culture kid (TCK), meaning when someone asks me where I’m from, I don’t have an answer. I’m from India or Dubai. Both work, but the same time, neither work.

I recently started the Third Culture Kid’s Club. I found that socially and culturally, TCKs have a unique set of mental health concerns that are often overlooked. The challenges that I faced were a little different than what other international students face. Before students joined the club, they thought they were alone and that nobody knew how they felt. It feels good to be seen and to be part of a community that understands you and has been through similar experiences. I’m excited to do more outreach.