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Jaime Zamarripa

Building a

Finding a support system and a sense of belonging to succeed

Although business administration major Jaime Zamarripa's college experience had a challenging start, he's built connections within the campus community.
– Jaime Zamarripa –

I struggled in my first year with feelings of isolation. I was worried about finding a community here. It was hard to build connections with people because we had all online classes. My sophomore year, I was able to get more involved. I put myself out there and utilized the resources to build friendships.

Now, I am a tutor at the College of Business Teaching and Learning Center (TLC). I’ve built a community with my fellow tutors and the people I tutor. I’m also a peer mentor for Nebraska College Preparatory Academy (NCPA). This summer, I will be a Resident Assistant (RA). Those are a few things that have helped me build connections with people, which I was initially afraid to do.

As a Nebraska Business student, I take classes that prepare me for interviews and networking events. Those helped me build connections with fellow students, faculty and professionals. I think the College of Business has been very helpful in preparing its students for more than just academics.

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Through his classes and professors' support, Jaime aspires to work as a business professional and go to graduate school.

I was born in Grand Island, Nebraska. Since I was a kid, I’ve wanted to come to Lincoln for college. NCPA solidified my intent to come to Nebraska. I knew I wanted to do business, but I didn’t know exactly what I wanted. I was stuck between many things. I did some research and decided that I wanted to get a Master of Business Administration (MBA).

When I got to college, I spoke to some of my professors about furthering my education with a Master of Business Administration. Graduate school is my ultimate goal.

I’m grateful for my business classes because they helped me prepare for my internship with Northwestern Mutual next fall. I’ll be training on how to communicate with clients. I will also be working with a senior advisor to help people with their finances. It’s a very hands-on internship.

“At some point, you’ll find your way. You’ll find people who like to be around you. You’ll build those connections that you need.”

— Jaime Zamarripa

Jaime stays connected with his family who motivates him to work hard in college and beyond.

My little brother looks up to me as a role model. I like to take him out to eat or play basketball whenever I am back home. I also stay connected with my mom because she raised me as a single mother. Everything I do is for her and, of course, myself and my future.

I always continue to work hard so that my mom doesn’t have to worry about paying any bills. In the future, I want to give my family a sense of financial security. I hope to give my kids more security than I had as a child.

Jaime has overcome the challenges of starting college as a first-generation student by leaning into the campus community and resources.
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You’re going to feel alone. You may even feel like you don’t belong. At some point, you’ll find your way. You’ll find people who like to be around you. You’ll build those connections that you need. It’ll work itself out.

I struggled on tests more than I expected. However, I recovered because I cleared my mind, studied and worked harder. I even spoke with my professor about what he’d recommend. I’m glad there are many resources on campus and that there are faculty and other students who can help.

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