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Andrea Trejo

Building a

Elevate your strengths and find a community of support.

As a first-generation student, Andrea started engaging with Nebraska’s resources before she started as a Husker.
– Andrea Trejo –

My parents are first-generation immigrants, so they didn’t know a lot about the process of applying and how it works. My high school counselor was the one who went through the process with me. In the beginning, when you’re a first-generation student, it’s hard. Nebraska has a lot of resources to help you overcome any obstacles that you might have.

Andrea continued to utilize resources while on campus to build a sense of belonging.

I feel like whenever I needed someone to be there for me, there was always someone. It never felt like I was alone. Nebraska brought amazing people into my life, and that’s like the biggest gift that I got from Nebraska outside of my education.

You will know when it feels like home. If you feel like that’s the place where you belong, then that’s probably the place where you belong. The other universities that I was considering didn’t feel like home. When I came to Nebraska and I toured the university, everything felt like that’s where I had to be—like that’s where I was going to fully become who I wanted to be in the future, despite the struggles.

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“Nebraska brought amazing people into my life, and that's like the biggest gift that I got from Nebraska outside of my education.”

— Andrea Trejo

Andrea took advantage of opportunities and enjoyed connecting with other students to build the future she wanted.

We have a lot of opportunities because we’re at Nebraska. We also have a lot of people who will help you grow as an individual and learn more about yourself and about things that you might be able to use, not just at work, but in your life in general. Having the opportunity to be a part of so many organizations and to meet people who had the same aspirations helped me learn about what I wanted to do with my future.

The Jackie Gaughan Multicultural Center was a big support system for me. The team was there for us when we needed them—even if it was to just have a conversation or ask questions that were not related to school; they were always very willing to help you.

I’m a dance minor and have been in the program since my first year. I feel like the dance programs at Nebraska are small; it always feels like you’re safe and you have a space where you belong. It is such a safe haven for us. I’m also a member of Orchesis, a dance group that focuses on bringing diversity to the dance community at Nebraska. We did a lot of work when it came to trying to keep the dance program alive. Being worried about losing something that meant so much to us helped us become close.

My dance classes are my de-stressor—my time to just relax, be myself and be surrounded by people who make me feel safe. It doesn’t feel like a minor at all. It always felt like a nice thing to do and something that I didn’t want to let go of. My connections with dance are different because you must be very comfortable to be able to improvise and do things that you wouldn’t do in any other classes.

Andrea laying in the grass holding hands with friendsAndrea with group at Univision ContigoAndrea with 3 friends in front of star poster
By surrounding herself with people who had big goals, Andrea was challenged to learn and do more.

In the Husker community, we’re constantly growing, transforming and evolving. I think Nebraska is a great opportunity—especially because I’ve always had professors who care about students. They are always trying to help you, not just with your academics, but in general.

I’ve surrounded myself with people who have big goals in their lives and not just for themselves, but for their community. It’s nice to have people who are always working hard, trying to learn more and help their community.

Being a Husker means learning a lot about myself, having access to opportunities and meeting new people. I think a lot of my friends that I met here are friends I will have forever and that have been there for me, when I needed them the most. It’s like home.